Moustaches For Charity

I’m sure most of us think of food, family, and presents when it comes to the holiday season.  But maybe you, like millions of selfless individuals worldwide, may get excited at the thought of giving back this time of year.

Here is a great charity that was originally started in Australia in an attempt to make moustaches fashionable again–think Burt Reynolds of the 70’s–but evolved into something much bigger.  To date, they have raised $649 million to support prostate cancer research and men’s health initiatives.

Since its induction they have gathered over 5 million participants from 21 countries.  So, if you see someone sporting a moustache in the month of November, it may just be their way of giving back.  Check out the Movember movement on the U.S. page here,  and please consider donating–either follicularly or monetarily.

Happy Movember everyone!

Dr. Kennedy

Writing, as always, from the town where Liberty got its start: Libertyville, IL