Moustaches For Charity

I’m sure most of us think of food, family, and presents when it comes to the holiday season.  But maybe you, like millions of selfless individuals worldwide, may get excited at the thought of giving back this time of year. Here is a great charity that was originally started in Australia in an attempt to make … [Read more…]

Best Halloween Treats!

I had a moment of moral conflict prior to creating this post.  Inherently I know it’s strange for a dentist to be posting about the best Halloween treats, but the realist in me says, “it’s Halloween!”–and there is no getting around the orange-and-black sugar rush that will occur in the next two days.  So without … [Read more…]

Funny Dental Masks Are Here

  If you have ever wondered–either out loud or to that little voice inside your head–why the dentist has to be such a stressful experience, here is a new fashion trend guaranteed to spice that appointment up a bit. Just in time for Halloween, funny dental masks.  Who wouldn’t want their dentist showing up wearing … [Read more…]